Monday, March 25, 2013

Foggy moon

Tonight the moon is only a soft glow as it tries to penetrate the fog and tree branches.  It looks pretty mysterious.

By the way, my iMac is having its' hard drive replaced this week courtsey of Apple. I received an email telling me that the drive may possibility fail (after three years of dependable use). I have had excellent service from the iMac with no indication of any issues, but Apple offered to provide a brand new drive free of charge... so it is hard to pass up. Which brings me to this and any other posts this week... they will be edited and posted using my iPad, so the images may (or may not) be a bit different. The editing process certainly is.


  1. I saw that moon last night, as well. I thought, "I really should get a camera." Thanks for capturing it so beautifully.