Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glen Park

This little pocket park, in the Village of Williamsville, NY, has a large waterfall and several ponds that are home to many ducks, but I found the secluded, out-of-the-way details to be more interesting and less congested.


  1. This is really very nice. I'm sure I don't know this place.

  2. Fine composition, John - and I am with you in the preference for the less obviously interesting. Lastly I've seen too many long exposure waterfalls with saturated greens and browns. Here it is refreshing, and the tree stem adds a fine foreground structure to that square.

    P.S. Commenting on your blog is still difficult for me. It seems that Google doesn't like my frugal cookies policy. So for this comment I had to start chrome

    1. Markus, thanks for the extra effort to post your generous comment. I wish I knew what to do to sort out the issue but I am not doing anything unusual here on blogspot.