Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dead mall

First you see more and more empty storefronts, then the anchor stores close-up... it's a dead mall. The management talks about a "new concept", which usually means outlet stores, but will they come?

This is happening all around the country... too many malls and not enough shoppers. They have moved to on-line or new outlet mega-centers.


  1. It's happening everywhere. I like the composition of this photograph and the use of colors.

  2. Up in my neck of the woods - actually, just outside of the woods - in Massena we have a true Zombie Mall. It dwarfs Marketplace and is 90% unoccupied. The totally abandoned food court with all of the chain fast-food signs stripped away, leaving a ghost image of the presence, is particularly eerie. Headed up there to make some pictures on Tuesday next.