Monday, March 20, 2017

Under the weather

First it was the wind storm, then several feet of snow, and now the flu. I am proof that a flu shot does not guarantee the bug doesn't get you. Consequently I have not been out with camera in a while, so here is a picture from a little over a week ago that was still in my "maybe" pile.


  1. John, hope your flu goes away soon. We are just recovering from flu at hour house, and yes, we also had flu shots. Being a week old, your photo is still current. My post today is nearly a month old.

  2. John, I wish you all the best for a speedy and complete recovery! And take it slowly - the consequences for your health could be severe if you overestimate your strength.

    What is a week in the life of a picture? Either it works - as this one does - or it doesn't, being it current or dry-aged.