Monday, November 29, 2010

What the heck?

It was cold this morning, only 24℉, the deepest freeze this year so far.

When I got to the office park where I work the geese that frequent the ponds were making a lot of noise, like something was wrong. So I stopped to watch and see what was going on.

A thin crust of ice had formed on the ponds, and it appeared the geese were suddenly aware that they could walk on water! You would think that Canadian geese would be well aquatinted with ice, but it appeared not to be so. They were shuffling along and seemed to be amazed by this miraculous change in their environment.

Then I looked up and saw a group of about 8-10 geese coming in for a landing (and unfortunately missed the shot). Their landing presented them with a surprise... as they landed each slid about 10 feet before coming to a stop.

I enjoyed the show.

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