Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fog settles in Tryon

In the valley distant is modern day Ellison Park. This morning a thick fog covered the hollow below, creating a dreamy drive through the park.

This lawn, now a county golf course, was once a thriving town occupied long before there was a Rochester. In fact 200 years ago this was the major trade center between Queenston in Canada to the west, and Oswego to the east.

The "Lost City of Tryon" was comprised of a five-story warehouse, flour mill, customs house, a tavern, a distillery, a shoe factory and a number of houses. But once the Erie Canal was built the regional focus quickly moved to Rochester and the Port of Charlotte.

It is hard to believe that here on today's silted and slow moving Irondequoit Creek, large schooners once docked, enabling trade and commerce for the region.

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