Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here is the contents of the trash barrel in the mailroom yesterday, and it just struck me funny.

Seems like there are a few possibilities for a tag line here... but my ideas don't seem to be very good:
  • We don't need to be ready for any emergencies.
  • If we throw the phone away, maybe we won't have any emergencies.
  • I'm tired of answering this phone... it never stops ringing!
  • Sorry, you have the wrong number.
I don't know... any better ideas?


  1. Maybe the tag line is, "The last thing we need is an emergency." or perhaps, "Everything is an emergency, so no need for phone."

  2. I like caption # three: I'm tired of answering the phone. . .it never stops ringing!

    And maybe: In case of emergency, head to the nearest landfill and call 9-1-1.

    Or: In case of emergency. . .where the heck is that phone!?!