Sunday, October 20, 2013

The lobby

I recently traveled to the Washington DC area for work. Some of our company offices are located in the Gannett/USA Today building in McLean, Virginia. The building can only be described as spectacular, built about ten years ago when the publishing business was booming. The lobby is large enough to be an airline hanger, and the use of glass and marble is everywhere. For some reason this young girl was skipping though the lobby which kind of makes the picture I think.

The news business today is not so rosy. With several rounds of layoffs, many employees have skipped out the door, leaving excess office available for sublet.


  1. I love the lobby in this Post and the child skipping through is superbly placed and provides a sense of scale. As the say - it's a vast lobby!

  2. That is one gorgeous building (and photograph, too).

  3. I like how modern buildings look in photographs. Their design often lends itself to strong, graphic imagery. Both your photos are great examples and the one with the girl is just about perfect.
    Interestingly, in real life, modern architecture (in terms of large commercial buildings), never comes close to having the appeal of older style architecture. While a fancy new building might have plenty of "wow" factor, only older buildings can ever leave a warm, emotionally-charged impression on me.