Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Down a blind alley

Perhaps this post is not about a blind alley, but at the moment that is about all I can think of.

The few of you that follow my blog (thanks!) may be wondering why I have not posted for over three weeks now. 

Well, the story is that upon returning home a few weeks ago I discovered that my home had been broken into, and my iMac computer, HDTV and a few other items were gone. We could not find any obvious means of breaking in which has made it all the more disturbing to deal with. Loosing valuable possessions is not pleasant, but even worse is the creepiness of strangers being in your house.

This of course has made me realize that what I though of as adequate home protection was not adequate at all, a situation that we have now rectified, perhaps to the point of being overly prepared. But experiencing a situation like is a wake-up call that has to be addressed.

The only good news is my perpetrator was kind enough to leave behind my back-up hard drive that contains all of my photos in RAW as well as processed versions.

I have tried to process and post some images on my iPad while waiting for the replacement iMac, but I found the available photo applications not totally up to the task. I had high hopes and some success with Photoshop Touch but finally came to realize it does not process RAW. Photogene is quite good, but lacks some key functions that I like to use.

I am now back in business with a higher powered iMac, and I have a backlog of images to post from my recent time in Canada... the photos above were taken in Montreal. I will be putting up those images over the next week or so, once again breaking my rule of keeping them fresh (a concept that no one else seems to care much about anyway).

So perhpas the tile for the post should not be "blind alley" it should be "robbed blind".


  1. Sorry to hear about your trouble, John. Besides the material losses, that lost feeling of your home as a secure, private place is certainly an issue - a loss of confidence takes time to heal.

    But it's good to see you posting again, despite all difficulties, and you've captured a find light in those alleys.

  2. I know how you feel, John. Even with a home security system in place, our home was broken into on Christmas Eve of all nights. Because the alarm went off, the burglar didn't have much time, and we didn't loose anything valuable. Still it is an unsettling experience. I hope you enjoy your new iMac. I love mine. Looking forward to your posts again.

  3. There is crime even in Webster (Where Life is Worth Living). We have been fortunate so far but maybe a security system wouldn't be a bad idea.
    The new iMacs look very nice. We have a fairly new one at the Museum and it's a pleasure to use.

  4. Sorry to hear this unfortunate news John. However I am happy to hear that you have lost none of your photos.