Thursday, July 31, 2014

Way up there

Of course cell phone towers are not unusual these days, but finding two (unafraid of heights) workmen on top is not something you see every day. I am not sure why I looked up to see them there, apparently installing another antenna. Perhaps it was a result of my keen observation skills, or just perchance. Most likely dumb luck. For all I know, maybe there are always two men on the top of cell phone towers!

I realize it is difficult to see, even when looking at the larger version (click the image to make it bigger), so I have also included a greatly cropped blow-up (again, click it). I only had a 14mm wide angle lens (28mm equivalent) on my MFT camera, so getting a close shot was out of the question, unless I climbed up the tower myself.

No chance of that...


  1. You'd never catch me up there either. Interesting pictures. Have you ever noticed how cell phone towers just appear? I've never seen one built. They just seem to appear out of nowhere.

  2. It's hard to get a good idea just how large these things are but those guys really give it some scale. Ed could be right but I think the towers are placed by aliens.