Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Susan's house

Although I have lived in the area for over forty years, until recently I never took the time to visit the home of one of Rochesters most famous historical figures; Susan B. Anthony. She was a lifetime activist for equal rights and especially important in the movement to gain women's right to vote. She and her sister lived in a modest home that was part of a working-class neighborhood. It was here she organized the women's suffrage movement and welcomed many progressive reformers including her longtime friend and Rochester's other most famous historical figure; Frederick Douglass.

My eye was caught by this stairway window, unusual in design and color... perhaps the most unique feature of this otherwise common home of a very uncommon, progressive and influential American.

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  1. Susan B. Anthony is certainly a hero of human rights, a perfect subject for the 4th of July. Also like your unique photo. Have a Happy 4th of July, John.