Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sea Breeze roundabout

The 590 expressway was recently converted to a boulevard in an effort to slow traffic to be more compatible with the neighborhood. And nothing slows traffic more than a roundabout. This particular roundabout announces the entrance to Sea Breeze, that part of East Irondequoit that meets the shore of Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes.

As it seems to be the current practice when building expensive highways, often there is an attempt at aesthetics in the form of decorative features or public art. Being this area is know as Sea Breeze it was natural to select a nautical theme for the signage.


  1. This picture makes me want to run downstairs and dig out my Screamers LP - an incredibly life-like, window and door rattling recording of "screamers" played on the Sea Breeze carousel organ. Instead of doing so, I went online to see if there is a CD version of the LP. No luck, but I did find an Xmas music CD made from the same Sea Breeze carousel organ.

    I ordered 2 ,1 for me, one for my brother, because both he and I love the Bob Dylan Xmas CD and this one is nearly as weirdly/warped as Dylan's take on Xmas music.

    BTW, I really like this picture - nice light, nice color, a pleasing amount of just-looking disorder, and it also makes me think of the first time I encountered these roundabouts - not knowing these things had replaced the former straight - and nearly lost it on the first one. I was on my way, not to the amusement park, but to Marge's - the funkiest establishment on the lake.

  2. PS - like Markus, I am having problems posting comments on your blog using Firefox. I lost several comments recently but after seeing Markus' comment, re: same problem, I switch to Safari to leave a comment here.