Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pale stain

It always seemed to me that "stained glass" was a strange name for colored glass. Stain seems to describe a soiling or application of dye, neither of which is an accurate description of stained glass.  The color in glass is not the result of pigment, rather the color comes from mixing metals with the molten material.  For example the deep wine color of most red stained glass is from the addition of gold to the mix, not an inexpensive dye.

In this photo the glass is pale, not like most stained glass found in many church windows, but is is attractive non the less.

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  1. Church windows, yes they are wonderful! We have some fine examples in local churches around here, many of them hundreds of years old. Unfortunately, they tend to be protected by mesh screens from vandals so are difficult to photograph. They are impressive nonetheless and were often the product of someones desire to buy their way to heaven!