Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road work

There is a common saying in my part of the world.  There are only two seasons: winter and construction. We have moved into the second season.

I shot this photo as I drove past these road workers, and obviously the resulting image has some issues.  The shutter speed was too slow resulting in a blurred image.  Yet there was something that I still found interesting... the poses, the colors, the feeling of motion. Perhaps to compensate for this shortcoming I fusted with color and detail to make the image even more stylized.  This is not an example of being true. And maybe it is even an example of Pictorialism.  But somehow it "floats my boat".  I like the result although it is not in keeping with most images that I have posted here... at least over the last year or so.

But it is not start of a new season for me... just a digression.

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