Monday, August 26, 2013

Off topic

I have maintained this blog now for just over four years. Uploaded 522 posts. Received 20,255 page views*.

My intention has been to always upload fresh photos (taken the same day or at least less than 48 hours with only a few exceptions). And my objective has been to provide:

Observations of the trivial and unnoticed, and a photograph as a second look.

It occurs to me that there have been times that I have not been true to that objective. Posting photos of zoo animals and vacation snaps is not really "trivial and unnoticed" stuff, but I do capture what catches my eye and I find interesting... and I try to avoid the obvious.

So maybe I have not been too untrue.

I appreciate the comments I have received over the years. It is not my general policy to respond to posts, but that does not mean I do not value them. I have always maintained that this blog is for me; as a incentive to make pictures, and force me to do a little writing (in most cases very little writing).

And so I continue... now into the fifth year, sticking my neck out, and pressing on.

*Some of those visits were apparently auto generated by an evil computer in Russia, but then again Google did not count my page views during the first year.


  1. Congratulations on starting your fifth year of posting photos. Just don't impose too many "rules" on yourself. If you have a vacation snap that you really like, feel free to share it with the rest of us. Why the time limit? Photos don't exactly go over ripe. The main thing is to please yourself. Frankly the opinion of the rest of us don't account for much, including mine.

  2. Five years is about how long I've been at it too (I started in Jan 2009) but I've only posted 220 something posts so you are twice as prolific as I am. I hope you keep it up. I quit my blog some time back but came back to it because I realised I enjoyed the interaction with the handful of readers I have.

  3. I agree with TFG and Cedric. We have too many rules and expectation placed upon us and my feeling is I don't need any more. Of course, I believe you have met your objective so I guess all we can ask is that you keep doing what you're doing, it works.

  4. Congratulations, John - not many blogs live into their fifth year, so this certainly shows perseverance. Re. the rules: it's certainly your blog, so you can apply all the rules you want, and they work for you, which is clearly visible. Other than that, I like Jeff's "photos don't exactly go over ripe", and maybe you'll find reason to modify your rules to whatever you like. I had once thought about doing it "one picture per day, shot that day" but realized soon enough that I couldn't maintain it. And now that I know that I can photograph, I see it very relaxed - which certainly could be applied to you, too.

    So keep the pictures coming. I for my part will be a curious observer.