Sunday, September 28, 2014


I just returned from two weeks in China. What I found was not exactly what I expected. It is a country of great contrasts... from gleaming towers of glass, to traditional Chinese architecture. From the super rich, to the super poor. From exotic sports cars, to pedaled rickshaws. Crazy traffic, but on modern well maintained highways (sometimes with three or four bridges stacked). 

And I saw more capitalism than Communism.

I captured many pictures on the trip, but most are of the tourist genre, and I will not be posting them. I will, however, be posting a few images over the next week or so of my observations.


  1. China is a fascinating country. I'll look forward to seeing the pictures and commentary you post.

  2. This is such a well composed image, John. Aided too by the bold inclusion of the under-surface of a bridge or jutting roof perhaps. Full of contrasts - styles, colours, light and shade.

  3. I do like contrasting architecture. Especially when it includes a cultural element. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on China.