Sunday, October 5, 2014

New towns

As a result of the higher water level caused by the Three Gorges Dam, about one and half million people had to be relocated to higher ground. In many cases this meant families giving up land that had been farmed for many generations. The government provided high-rise apartments, which of course meant giving up farming. This has resulted in many leaving the rural life and instead working in manufacturing.

Being forced to make this change would seem to be greatly resented by the people, but we were told it was accepted for the common good... a central premise of Communism.


  1. Like your somber photo of urban high rises showing the high density of population. Always take the government line with a grain of salt. Listen, smile, and believe what your eyes and ears tell you.

  2. Hmm... I've heard slightly different stories but who's to know? Still, I imagine it must be demoralising for these people.