Saturday, January 24, 2015

I made a book

With inspiration and encouragement from The Landscapist I have created a photobook of selected images from 2014. Actually I was mostly motivated having received a coupon for a free 8x8 book at Shutterfly.

The image above is a screen cap from the web preview so the quality is not really great, but I have to say the photobook itself is quite surprising in quality. My only disappointment is that the spine of the book is stark white and wraps around the front and back cover. I now see that there are additional options for a printed spine at a higher cost.

This was an interesting activity, but if I was serious about the book, I should have spent more time editing. As a test of the idea at a low cost (pay for shipping only) it was a success.

Link to preview full book at Shutterfly.


  1. A fine collection of photographs. The feeling of a printed book is something to cherish, even these days when everything is turning into digital.

  2. John, I've looked through your book. You had a most productive and creative year in 2014. You should be proud of your photographic efforts. Never thought of doing this myself. I'll have to think about it.

  3. A fine book, John - it was a pleasure to page through it as you've managed the layout very well. Juha is right (of course): a printed book is something special, certainly worth the effort.

  4. Congratulations, John, that is a fine photo book. I enjoyed each of the photos selected. It's a great body of work. You've given me some inspiration to attempt a book of my own, or at the very least to actually print more of my photos.

  5. Photos look beautiful when presented in a book and your images are definitely worthy of being in one. The cover photograph is so perfect for a cover by the way. My reluctance to own books only ever wavers when it comes to photo books such as yours. Great effort John.

  6. Excellent photos in the book, John, and I like the layout you've chosen.
    I have printed books for 4 family members who have taken an interest in photography also for the last three years. I think it's a special, personal gift.