Thursday, November 10, 2016

No photo!

Entering the Sistine Chapel the uniformed attendant kept repeating the phrase "no photo!"... sometime with emphasis as someone came into the space and immediately tilted their cell-phone toward the ceiling... leaning way back to take it all in.  And I think that was the issue. People would stop in their tracks and practically tip-over to photograph the famous ceiling frescos, and block the anxious crowd behind them.

We were lucky to find a way to squeeze a seat on the benches along the wall. Not feeling defeated I pointed my camera from my lap and took multiple covert pictures thinking at at least some of them might be framed and usable.

So, feeling only a bit guilty, here are a few images that I captured of Michelangelo's masterwork.


  1. Seems you are having a wonderful time in Rome. Thank you for much for sharing. Loved your spiral staircase from yesterday. Nothing better than surreptitious photos. The forbidden is so much fun.

  2. I thought I saw on the news the Vatican police have an APB out on you.