Monday, December 19, 2016

Steel Stacks

Bethlehem Steel ceased operations 1995 and left behind a large industrial site including these blast furnaces. Although there was talk of tearing them down to recover the site, it was eventually decided to leave the stacks as a backdrop for a redevelopment effort. It is now a music, arts and festival site for residents and tourists. The project was in part aided by the approval and development of a casino and hotel on part of the property. It appears to have been a successful transformation despite the sometimes detrimental downside that a casino can bring.


  1. A casino. Just what a struggling town needs.

    1. Ken, just my reaction, but after talking to some locals it has been pretty good. Bethlehem is actually doing quite well compared to its neighbor, Allentown. The downtown is active as is the area around the Stacks.