Sunday, March 4, 2018

Peerless Spring

According to my research (WolframAlpha) there are 84 cities in the US that have "Spring" in their name, but to my knowledge there is no town that celebrates and maintains their natural springs like Saratoga Springs New York. There are over a dozen springs in and around the community and most are operating and under a pavilion of unique design. The Peerless Spring is only one example.

Some of the springs sprout sweet fresh water but most are naturally carbonated and contain various minerals. For hundreds of years the waters have been valued for their medicinal benefits for drinking or bathing. It is fun to taste each spring, many of which can only be tolerated by a small sip.


  1. I need to put Saratoga Springs on my list of must-visit places. Very interesting place and nice photos, as usual.

  2. First of all, thanks for visiting and commenting on my Ocala, Florida blog. It's nice to meet you and I do appreciate this post - the photography and the information. As I recall, FDR visited Saratoga Springs on a regular basis - or maybe I'm think of another place?