Monday, August 10, 2015

Ghost Ranch

We visited Ghost Ranch, essentially Georgia O'Keeffe's backyard. Easy to see how she was drawn to this landscape with its multi hued rock and deep blue sky. We toured on horseback and needed to stay with the other four people on the ride. Consequently my photos were taken while in motion. I thought a 1/320 second shutter with an image stabilized lens would produce good images, but I was bitterly disappointed that motion blur was still an issue.

The pano was shot with my iPhone with feet planted on the solid ground. The image quality of the iPhone is impressive in good light.

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog today. The Panasonic GM 1 is a powerful camera in a small package. There are days I would like a quality, small camera. I tote around a Nikon D-90. It's large, and clunky, but wonderfully versatile in variable light with great image quality. With the D-90 the failings with my photography are not with the equipment.
    Thank you for thinking I find interesting subjects. Part of that is shooting lots of pictures and then sorting through them to find the one or two where everything works. Or at least are better than others.
    I've enjoyed your series in NM. The light there is special, and that comes through in your photos. Yes, the cell phone shot is very good. Sorry about 1/320 of a second being too slow to stop the motion from horseback. Last year I shot pictures at the Pro Challenge bike race in Colorado and had the same problem. Didn't realize just how fast those bicycles were going. I'm still learning.
    Keep up the good work.