Monday, August 24, 2015

Yes, he's back... the Colonel

Colonel Sanders is back, pitching his buckets of chicken. I've seen him on TV.

Pretty good for a man who died in 1980.

And he really was a colonel, a Kentucky Colonel, officially given the honorary title by the governor of Kentucky.

The man survives even if his company name has changed... Kentucky Fried Chicken just does not sound healthy these days, but KFC does not seem to have the same stigma.


  1. Yeah. I've seen him selling that chicken! Everyone knows what it stands for, KFC, but I guess that it's the politically correct way to say it. After all, can't use the "F" word when talking about food. LOL

  2. In his later years the Colonel had a fit about the company changing his recipe, but the company told him to keep quiet and keep cashing their checks. I've never been a fan of their food. That guy on TV only has a vague resemblance to The Colonel.