Monday, September 7, 2015

CMoG new gallery

I have posted about the Corning Museum of Glass before. It is a favorite day-trip about two hours away from home. I have been looking forward to returning to see the newly opened gallery... and I was not disappointed.

Walking into the to the new section I felt I was entering a science fiction movie. The building is very unique and full of white light, beautiful curved white walls and of course lots of glass, the signature of the CMoG.

I was fascinated by the architectural details as much as the art being displayed (more about this in the next post). Even the air ventilation systems seemed beautiful to me.


  1. Beautiful compositions. They are like modern art. Can see why you like this place.

  2. By coincidence, Mike Johnston just posted about the museum at The Online Photographer, with pictures from the same locations.

  3. These photos are wonderful, John. I hope we can make the trip within the next couple of months.