Saturday, September 5, 2015

For sale

Took me a while to figure out this was a Ferguson tractor... logotype looks more like "FerSuson". But then I am not in the market for farm equipment so I guess it really doesn't matter.


  1. That is a great looking tractor. I like the composition of your shot as well. I'm sure our friend TFG can tell you all about this tractor.

  2. Sure, I know a bit about this tractor. It was the first motor vehicle I drove when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Ford had an on and off history of building tractors. Ford stopped tractor manufacture with the model F in 1928, but kept supplying Harry Ferguson in Great Britton with motors. These tractors were built by tractor manufacturer David Brown (also builder of Aston Martins) of England for Ferguson who designed a revolutionary three point hitch and hydraulic system. Over 750,000 of these tractors were built, and after 1947 they carried the Ford name. By 2001 over half of them were still being used. There were three models which looked almost identical, the 9N introduced in 1939, the 2N introduced in 1942, and the 8N in 1947. N stood for "tractor' in the Ford line, and the number was the last digit of the year of introduction although they missed with the 8N. The Ferguson 9N tractors were all dark gray while the Fords were a lighter gray with red engine and rear drive axle housings. I like your photos very much. But this poor tractor has been ridden hard, and put up wet. This line of tractors put many other manufacturers, like the one I posted today, out of business. Sorry to go on. I'm sure this is more than you wanted to know.