Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sam Patch

The Sam Patch is a reproduction of a canal packet boat that takes tourists on short rides through the Erie canal and it's locks.

The name "Sam Patch" is a tribute to the daredevil known as "The Yankee Leaper". His career started with jumping into various rivers from high places. His notoriety brought him to Niagra Falls where he twice jumped into the gorge from a raised platform near the base of the falls.

Where do you go from there? To Rochester of course!

Little known is that there is a one hundred foot waterfall in downtown Rochester, New York. It here Sam Patch met his match and disappeared on his second jump only to be found months later frozen in ice near the river outlet at Lake Ontario.

So as is often done, a local "hero" becomes the namesake of a local attraction.


  1. Well, at least his end was of an expected variety, and not ironic, like drowning in a bathtub because he fell asleep. :)

  2. What a great story of a guy who should have learned to type instead of jumping into rivers. Looks like a fun ride on the boat.

  3. He certainly lent some color to Rochester history. The Museum has some artifacts that are attributed to him. Very interesting guy.