Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trees and wires

I have not posted much in the way of autumn colors this year. I guess I have had other things to photograph recently, which is nice. But here is a view of orange and yellow, both in the trees and on the ground. And then there are the various utility lines too. But that's the way it is in village and towns.

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  1. John, last week I went out to shoot some fall color. Like you, other things have taken my attention. I might have done better to go out a week earlier. Your photo is a great with the sun shining on the brightly colored tree. The wires just give compositional lines, so no problem.

    Re your question about sales of Fords and Chevrolets in the late 1920s and early 1930s. I think Fords were less expensive, and everyone knew about the Model T, so the new Fords caused quite a sensation when they were introduced. My Dad was a teenager at the time and talked about this. But in 1924 William "Big Bill" Knudsen took over Chevrolet and wanted to produce a car that competed with and even outsold Ford. He came very close to succeeding. I went to school with William Knudsen's grandson.