Friday, October 16, 2015

Turkey vultures

As I was walking along for some reason I looked up and was surprised by the sight of eight large birds above me in the trees. They were big enough that I did sense a bit of fear but should not have. I was not sure what they were but a bit of research led me to the conclusion that they were turkey vultures, birds that do not hunt but are primarily scavengers that consume carrion.

So, realizing that I was still alive I knew that I was safe.


  1. We have a large flock of vultures that lives on a water tower several blocks from here. They soar past in the evenings and sometimes land in the top of a dead tree in a neighbors back yard. Beautiful birds in the air, but not so pretty up close. I believe they are protected here.

  2. I've been seeing a few around town lately but I never have my camera in the car with me. Some of these guys are pretty big but skittish.