Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tortured Trees

I have driven past these trees hundreds of times and I always wonder what happened to them? Why do they look that way? Is this species of tree supposed to look like that?

When I stopped to take the photo a Cocker Spaniel was walking by and I asked him “what is on the trunk of those trees?” Being an intelligent canine he responded “Bark, Bark”.

Realizing that was not exactly what I was looking for I said “Yes, but what is wrong with the tree bark?” The response was “Ruff, Ruff”.

I wasn’t getting anywhere so I politely thanked him and he went on his way.


  1. LOL! Those do make you wonder! Maybe it just happens with age - they look very old and wise.

  2. the tortured trees are willows and years gone by they where grown for the sole purpose of wattle or fencing. wattling was the structure between the main frames of houses or barns then covered in plaster. the new growth wood had a whole manner of uses one being clothes pegs, new growth from the stumps could grow to 13ft in one season. and a fully grown tree can take in 120 gallons of water A day. the pegs for thatched roofs and the criss crosses on the top of the thatch was made from the willow tree. the place I grew up at had many such trees along the Wheeler river on our farm the last people to use our trees were the Gypsy's they made pegs and wattle fences
    thats how I can tell you about the willow.some of this is from A biography I am writing of my Childhood so I have also made some research on the issue.

  3. Life in Egypt... thanks for the information. I am impressed with your knowledge.