Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumnal green and being real

Autumn of course is not all orange and red and bright yellow. There is also green and browns and even grays and blacks.

Shots of pretty trees are nice. And some photographers take great pains to avoid anything man-made in those kind of shots. A year ago I would not have included a light post, or what is obviously a parking lot, in a "nature" shot.

But I am looking at things a bit differently these days.

One of my recent posts generated some discussion from two picture makers that I admire. Colin is always encouraging (and has an interesting blog that I enjoy) and the Landscapist (a great teacher) is perpetually challenging my viewpoint (literally and conceptually). For this I am grateful and appreciative. The fact that these photographers occasionally visit this blog is very flattering.

As I have said from the beginning, this blog is primarily for me, as an exercise, and to compel me to generate photos and words. If anyone else sees any value, that is an unexpected bonus.

So here's to real, and not too much orange.

Which is not to say the photo above is necessarily any good.

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  1. I like that "real part here in form of the lamp in the middle of those trees. It drives away all those sweet (or oversweetened) fall foliage thoughts and plants the image in the middle of reality. Works for me.

    BTW, I had great difficulties writing this comment. With firefox/linux it was completely impossible, now I use a Gecko/Safari based browser, that allows to submit the written comment