Thursday, October 20, 2011

False front

How do you make an aging suburban strip plaza more attractive to tenants as well as consumers?

Just slap on a new front.

Brick looks solid and steadfast. And give each storefront a unique shape or texture. It does look new, but it is only "skin deep". And it really is one long building behind all of the various facades.

But if this is all it takes to fill up empty spaces, I am all for it.

And it does look pretty good.

1 comment:

  1. A fine light you had when framing this photograph, John! The low sun's warm light of course supports the brick tones and models the facade's structure as well as it emphasizes the cloud pattern. The overall impression is that what I guess HDR often tries to achieve, but more than often overdoes.

    And yes, again I had to switch from firefox/linux to another browser, as firefox seems to be unable to submit any comment to your post. Strange, as this is the only blog where I encounter this problem.