Monday, December 5, 2011


Each year in November the Erie Canal is drained to just a trickle, at least this section.  This is done to enable inspection of the walls and making repairs.

The canal originally opened in 1825 and connected the East cost with the Great Lakes, opening up the interior of the content.  It was in reality the first American super highway.

In the spring the canal will return to a normal depth of 12 feet and, although bypassed by modern commercial traffic, it will again provide a waterway for recreational boating in the warm months.

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  1. They should do that to some of the UK canals. Built in the 1700s at the start of the industrial revolution they are an important part of our heritage. Unfortunately, rogue builders, people with old prams, bikes, office chairs and shopping trolleys don't share my enthusiasm for history. They are often just used as a refuse tip, especially when the waterway passes through inner city areas.