Thursday, March 8, 2012


Someone I admire has said "good picture making is about focus."  And he was not talking about proper lens settings.  He was talking about the importance of creating an organized and cohesive body of work that is consistent in visual style and technique.

Not so sure I am very successful at that.

Most of my photos on this blog are square format, but beyond that there is a lot of variability.  I tend to capture whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment without any plan or over arching idea or theme.  Maybe that is OK, but I would like to build a "body of work" (his term) that hangs together as something more than a random collection of pictures.

So maybe I will.  I am open to the concept. But I need an idea.  Maybe there is one hiding in plain sight.

1 comment:

  1. I think your body of work is your amazing eye. You have an eye for teasing out the interesting or unusual that is hiding in plain sight. You force people to see new things, or at least to see everyday things differently.

    I think that is your genius.