Friday, June 15, 2012

Mystery tree

Someone must love this little tree.

I first noticed it back in December.  It had red Christmas tree balls on it.  Later there were hearts in February, then green shamrocks in March. Next there were Easter eggs.  Recently it was covered with little American flags for Memorial Day.

And now we have moved on to summer blossoms.

The little tree is not located in a residential yard or close to any house.  It really is a field near the corner of two roads, and pretty difficult to see unless you are looking for it.  See the GPS position... you can find it on Google location link (zoom all the way in).

So the mystery... who takes the time and energy to brighten this petite shrub?  And why?

It does bring a smile to my face as I pass by, especially when it is freshly dressed in new trimmings.

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