Thursday, October 4, 2012

How am I doing?

The fashion this season, in some circles, seems to be autumn photography with subtle inclusion of color and without pumped up saturation.

Hmmm... maybe still a little too bright?


  1. No, no John ~ don't be a follower of fashion! Trust me, this image is not pumped up. I see leaves illuminated like this (and even brighter too) relatively frequently. What makes this image work (IMHO) is that you haven't unnaturally boosted the contrast and in doing so you have retained a delightful subtlety of tone.

  2. To quote the landscapist: "Whatever floats your boat"...

    I agree with Colin: the colors here are fine, and in the same way it's fine that you resisted the fashion to tune saturation "to eleven". (I enjoyed the explanation for "amped up to eleven on the landscapist's blog very much)

  3. I'm in agreement with Markus and Colin, great fall color doesn't need much help from the Lightroom sliders. One of the interesting things about this particular photo is that you maintained some blue in the sky despite the brightness in the trees. This is really nice.