Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Preserve the quaint village of Pittsford

The village people are up in arms.

They want to preserve this cozy corner of their community. Obviously this presently is not the most beautiful spot in this upscale neighborhood, but the location has a lot of potential as it borders the Erie Canal.

Developers are proposing what may be a multi-million dollar development of high-end apartments, designed in the "Pittsford style". But a multi-family complex like this "doesn't fit the scale or character of the village" and most residents oppose it.

Admittedly the real issue is traffic congestion, which is already very bad, and will only get worse with the entrance to the proposed complex being adjacent to the canal bridge and the busiest section of Monroe Avenue.

Yet it seems like an upscale apartment complex might be an improvement over the current site (sight?).

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  1. If your house overlooked this property you would hope anyone would come in and build something attractive and useful. Town governments (even Pittsford) seem useless in getting property cleaned up and I don't think the fence keep kids out either.