Saturday, February 1, 2014


The cold continues to keep me from making pictures these days, which seems strange and almost surreal as it is something I enjoy. I always am on the look out for something interesting to photograph, but I just don't have the fortitude to stop, remove my gloves, dig out a camera, and venture into the chill.

So, speaking of surreal, browsing my photo library I came across this unusual image that was part of my infrared experiments a while back. The strange colors certainly have a warmth. The grass and trees seem to be snow covered but are not. This was taken on a warm summer morning in North Carolina.

Revisiting old photos keeps me going for now, but soon I will be back at it. New photos always happen when they happen.


  1. Interesting photo, certainly an alternative reality. I do like the colors.

  2. I like infrared photography. In one way, landscapes taken in such a manner are alien looking but at the same time there is a realisation that had evolution taken a different route and configured our eyes and brains ever so slightly differently, this is how we might see the world normally and we might have cameras that uncover the remaining colour spectrum making those photos look weird and alien.

  3. I like infrared, too, but I had more luck with black and white than color. Of course, I'm speaking of film but I am thinking of having a camera converted to experiment a bit more with it. This is a very strange shot.