Sunday, May 25, 2014

Perfect dandelion

Not loved by most lawn owners but rally a pretty flower by any measure. There are some who think we have been too tough on this wildflower that is demonized as a weed.

Of course, like anything, too many is too much, but in isolation the bright yellow is really quite appealing.


  1. I'm not a dandelion fan, but I don't do a full chemical assault on them. The flowers are pretty, and young greens can be added to salad. Not sure about the medicinal benefits. There are many in my lawn, and I occasionally dig the up, but I'm never dandelion free.

  2. My grandmother used to cook the leaves or serve them in salad. Delicious!

  3. Classic Dandelion. A nightmare in my lawn, but such a pretty symmetrical flower at all stages from flower to seed head.