Saturday, May 17, 2014

While driving through the pond one day...

In the merry, merry month of May.

I drive though Ellison Park every day to-and-from work. It is a more interesting drive than the expressway, and often provides an opportunity for picture making.

As the seasons come an go the water level rises and lowers with the weather. But I have never seen the water this high. Buckets of rain the night before had swollen Irondequoit creek beyond its banks and it just could not keep up with the flow heading North to the bay and out to Lake Ontario. Water always finds a way, and in this case it meant flooding the road in a temporary cascade.

Some traffic turned around, but many made a slow passage. Others took advantage of the fun at high speed. I used caution.


  1. Does the Mini float (among it's other virtues)?

  2. Glad to know you made it safely through the water. Wet brakes can fail, and motors can stall if the ignition gets wet, so caution or avoidance all together is the way to go. Interesting photo.