Monday, June 23, 2014

What is this?

To me it looks like miniature bamboo, but I don't think we would find that growing on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, in Webster (where life is worth living). The backlighting makes it look illuminated from within, and that is a really nice green.

I have no idea what the plant is... the stems are less than a half inch in diameter and at this point they are only a few feet tall. It is early in the season so I am not sure what they will end up being.


  1. Maybe it is bamboo. We saw it growing in Minnesota at the Landscape Arboretum. If it can grow there, it can grow anywhere.

  2. John, it's horsetail (Equisetum) - and the image is very fine. The backlight really makes the green shine!

    1. Markus, you are correct. Your identification is confirmed by Wikipedia.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Ah, Markus had the right answer. Beautiful photo with the light and many shades of green.