Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quick fix?

It's no secret the nations infrastructure needs some help. Here in New York State we hear about the many bridges that are potentially unsafe.

Maybe this is what they are talking about?

This bridge is over the canal leading into Pittsford on a main road. Every evening when I leave work I see are lots of cars and trucks sitting on it, held up, trying to make their way to the East suburbs.

So we see here some fixes have been made. The steel reinforcement looks moderately stable, but how about those wooden timbers apparently wedged into place? Perhaps these are only temporary, but still it gives me pause.


  1. It's a sad commentary on our society to see our infrastructure in such a sad state. But that gets into politics and I'd rather not go there. Interesting play on lines and shapes, though.

  2. At least someone is inspecting and repairing this bridge. I would hate to think that we could have more bridge collapses like happened in Minneapolis a few years ago. But I'm pointing no fingers here, and like Tom, don't want to get into any political debate. I also like the composition and colors in your photo.