Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Log moss

Another picture from along the canal trail.

I was not sure about posting this image as it does not have as strong compositional quality as I like. It really is too busy, and its abundance of fine messy detail creates a jumble that I do not think is appealing... yet I am posting it anyway.

I guess I just have low standards.


  1. Hi, John.

    I read (on right of page) that you're still trying to take a great photo. Very subjective. Maybe even self-deprecating. Or perhaps an attempt at taking the micky out of fine art photographers?

    Maybe, if you consider that this posted pic is a celebration of a moment in your photographic journey (life?), where you observed something important to you, it's elevated your attempt to the wished for greatness?

  2. John, I think the picture works. I think it's a mistake always to look for a "strong center of interest" rather than try for a picture that works "all over." A wealth of detail distributed all over the picture frame can be intriguing rather than messy.