Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two wheels

Us Americans love our automobiles, but although there are plenty of cars in Italy, there are also many people who choose to travel on two wheels. I suppose there are good reasons: easier to traverse small and busy streets, and also the cost of fuel. My rough calculations tell me the cost of gas is almost three times as expensive in Italy as I pay at home. And I expect the same is true in most of Europe.

On the open roads the motorcycle riders make frightening maneuvers, often passing cars on narrow streets on blind corners and at high speed. But somehow it seems to work. We did not see any traffic accidents in our two weeks.


  1. Many years ago we rode our motorcycle and sidecar through northern Italy. I thought the car drivers went way too fast, but I managed to avoid having any accidents. Great shot of these scooters.

  2. That must have been wonderful. By saying "our" did you have the motorcycle shipped back to the US?