Thursday, October 20, 2016

BMX Park

BMX (bicycle motocross) are those little bikes that are used for competitive racing or showing-off fancy jumps and stunts. This park was build in Toronto for a major competition and is now open to the public.


  1. Thank goodness, John! I was beginning to think the changing gears post was really the tipping point on your photographic journey into retirement.

    As a practitioner of posting what I see, as opposed to using Photoshop to show what I want to see, I had been a recent, daily visitor.

    Hope you're adjusting to the new realm of not having to front up every work day.

    Sincerest regards, Jim R

    1. Thanks Jim... I was traveling the last few weeks so, although there was a pause, I have lots of photos to share.

  2. more years ago than I care to remember, I was ranked 14th nationally in the BMX 35-and-older cruiser (24" wheels) class. My racing career involved only 1 multi-day stay in a hospital so, all things considered, it was a fun ride.

  3. I've seen these pump tracks before, This one is especially impressive. Think this sport is for those kids who think of themselves as immortal.