Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The shadows

What I noticed was the subtile shadows below the hanging sculpture.

During our recent visit to the Corning Museum of Glass I saw a lot of people taking pictures of the various art pieces, mostly with cell phone cameras. That is fine for documenting or remembering someones art, but when I post images here on this blog I am featuring my vision, not the work of some other artist.

That is not to say I do not admire the artists work, I just do not want to imply that their creation is in any way mine. What I have done can be thought of as sampling, like what is common in some contemporary music. Borrowing a bit from someone you admire, and then twisting it into something a bit different.

But I do want to give credit. The artist is Ann Gardner, and the piece is titled Fog. It is made of over a hundred glass mosaic-covered pods in subtile gradations of gray. You can see the full sculpture in the first image from yesterday's post, but do go see it in person along with the other art pieces at CMoG.

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