Sunday, January 29, 2017

What happened to America?

Have we become a nation of fear and hate? Can we not extend hope and possibility of a better life to those who suffer? Do we no longer exemplify justice and compassion to the world?

This blog is not intended to be political, but it is difficult to suppress my disappointment and depression.


  1. I hear you John. I try to keep my photo blogging non-political also, but things have gone from silly to stupid in Washington.

  2. John, Jeff, partisan politics is certainly not the way to go on a photo blog. But with that state of the affair (which is not politics, as politics means "achieving and exercising positions of governance" according to Wikipedia - this looks more like havoc), I think it is everybody's right, if not duty, to express at least concern.

    And if we want to get things changed, we have to make clear our points of view in a civilized yet determined way.

  3. You are so right and I hear your concern. There is a much better way to go and America has been there.