Monday, July 23, 2012

More rain please...

Many readers may notice that I have copied the latest post name from the Landscapist. That is true, but my comment is directed more at the brown crunchy grass and the drought that is effecting much of the country.  I live almost on the shores of one of the Great Lakes so there is not much chance that we will run out of water, but none-the-less, a nice soaking rain would brighten up our greenery.


  1. Well I live between Montreal Canada and Albany NY, they called for big storms tonight but I guess our number wasn't drawn a lot of light and booms but no water

    1. Don, John: Just be patient! As earth is supposed to be a disc, the distribution of water should soon be normalized again ;)

      Fine colors her, John - they perfectly underline the drought you are describing. And I enjoy the tight and compact composition.

  2. The upside is I haven't cut my grass in weeks. I wish I could say I used the time to take more photos.