Friday, August 8, 2014

Leaf shadow

As I look back at my posts over the last few months I see a lot of green and leafy images. I am at the point that I would like to photograph some other palettes. I am not saying I am tired of summer but those fall colors bring a nice change. But then I will tire of oranges and golds. Winter is interesting for a few weeks, but certainly not months (and months).

In one of my posts earlier this I year joyfully declared the tentative arrival of Spring. Cedric commented "The contrast from one season to the next is something I still miss..." and that got me thinking. He is right. It is not so much the season, but the changes from one to the other that are most enjoyable. I guess there is some truth when we say "variety is the spice of life".


  1. Cedric also has an idea that people who live where seasonal changes are pronounced are healthier than those who have a more stable yearly pattern.

  2. I'm not sure what Red means but once again this year, we went from Summer to Spring to Winter and everything looks the same. The days are shorter and a tad colder but the colour pallet is the same. Oh well.
    I like the photo by the way. Nicely seen John.

  3. I read that the state with the greatest longevity of it's residences was Hawaii, a state with virtually one season year around. I guess I could get used to that but I do enjoy the 4 seasons.