Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where I used to work

I am going to be retiring in a few months so I think it is natural that I reflect back on my career. I had almost 30 years at Xerox, about 20 of them working in this building. It is a workplace no more and has not been occupied for maybe 10 years. Nature has a way of taking back anything that is abandoned.

Rochester's former two big employers (Xerox and Kodak) both have had tough times. They were the Google and Apple of their heyday. Kodak filed and is now out of bankruptcy but a mere shadow of it's former self. Xerox has done a bit better but is now in the process of splitting apart and maybe the Xerox name will not survive.

I have been fortunate over the last 15 years to have had two pretty good jobs since Xerox.

And so it goes... the natural flow of ups, downs and transitions.


  1. Your story makes me wonder if some day we'll hear similar tales about the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google. Hopefully not. Such events are rarely good for the thousands of people who work for them.

    Anyway, all the best with retirement John. I wish you a smooth transition. Retirement is still a few years away for me (more from necessity than desire) but I am considering going part time since my work place allows that. We'll see.

    BTW will you be staying in Webster or do you have other plans?

    1. Cedric, I replied to you but I think only as an additional comment. Return to the post to see my reply.

  2. Cedric,

    I have only been doing this blog for six years and almost a thousand posts but I am not sure if I reply here that you will get a notice (other than returning to the post)... so let me know.

    Thanks for your good wishes. We are thinking about relocation. Rochester has an average of 99 days with snow annually and we are looking for someplace that has maybe 10 days of snow. I like seasons but short winters. We have considered the Carolinas. Our trip to New Mexico last year was great but that is a long way to go and the high desert seems too alien to me as we have lived in the North East all our lives. My wife would like Florida but for me it is too hot and humid and getting pretty congested in many nice places. It is a very difficult decision for so many reasons. The general vibe, culture and political atmosphere is important too as is health care. A college town appeals to me but not too big a city. So we will see.

    Any suggestions?


  3. All good John, I subscribed to the post and I'm getting the notifications.

    I feel your dilemma on the topic of where to live in retirement. In Australia, quite a few people move to Asian countries to make their dollar go further but the expat lifestyle no longer appeals to me. In the USA I like the North-West region. I like San Francisco and it's surroundings, especially between Big Sur and Monterey. Like you I'm not a big fan of Florida beyond holidaying in the Keys. In the North East I do like a few places around Maine and Vermont but the winters there would not be much fun I imagine. As you say it is a difficult decision to make for so many reasons but hopefully you'll work it out. It's worth spending the time doing the research :)

    Good luck.

  4. It's unfortunate that many once great companies like Xerox and Kodak have become little more than case studies for business textbooks. Like Cedric,I can't help but wonder which of today's high fliers will take a similar trajectory.

    Best of luck with your retirement plans,John. Regarding location, we've been very happy in North Carolina,and I'd encourage you to spend some time here. I'd be happy to make some specific suggestions if you decide to check it out.