Thursday, August 30, 2012


That's about how I feel.

I try to post a couple of pictures a week, but these last few weeks have been slow going. I really do not have the time (take the time?) to get photos captured. Most of my time for picture taking is during my travel to work, or my travel back home. And usually my primary objective is to get to work, then back home.

Oh, I look for photo ops, but sometimes the rush of the day means I do not take the time.

And, although I have a new work location (along with my new job) the commute is still 75% the same.

But there are always things to notice... I just need to slow down.


  1. A great photo for your title! I get stumped too, all the time. I even make up excuses not to take photos! You can't force these things, just let them flow.

    1. I am with Ken on this image - the similar visual impression of the oversized traffic cone(?) and the tree stumps really make it. An the absence of one primary color (yellow in this case) makes a pleasing color composition here.